IT Services

IT Services

A career in information technology can take on many different forms. IT developers might create software programs or be involved in creating the digital infrastructure for a company. Many IT developers work as consultants and do projects for a variety of different organizations. In today’s information age, developers in any area of technology need to have an understanding of their market, and many developers specialize in a specific area. For example, developers are needed in

  • Finance
  • Tax preparation
  • CAD design
  • Point-of-sales management
  • Healthcare
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Sound design
  • Music and the arts
  • Law
  • Automotive industries

Every industry today is in some way affected by technology, and companies large and small need knowledgeable tech developers to help them build and maintain a useful infrastructure. Additionally, as technology grows and expands, each industry needs new software to help them keep up with a changing marketplace.

Custom Software Development Service Provider

Our software development services do not restrict to specific domain or technology but inclusively covers every business industry with offerings such as

Custom Software Development

From a growing business to an established one, Tek Hire offers full-stack custom software development services for web, desktop and mobile ensuring scalability and responsiveness at every stage of the development cycle.

Web Development

We match unique development needs of B2B or B2C businesses and offer a robust web development service that accelerates business profitability in the market with our developed high-performing applications.

Dedicated Development Team

We offer a scalable resource model for businesses to manage project needs or intermittent deadlines. Our dedicated development teams seamlessly engage with clients, onshore or offshore teams.

Product Development

Tek Hire outlines a complete plan to modernize your legacy software system or develop new software products using our expertise. We understand the scope, explore the potential and reduce the development stress, with efficient and performing applications.


Create engaging ecommerce platforms that are flexible and sustainable to high volumes of traffic with interactive user experience. Our technology consulting services enriches digital experience with easy system integration to existing ERP and custom POS.

Mobile Apps

Our years of technical expertise brings to the table unparalleled skills to help your business accelerate their needs. Our proficient mobile application developers create apps that are stellar to use with robust security and rich features.

UI/UX Design

We develop realistic wireframes and interactive UI /UX as a part of software development services that help clients communicate their business efficiently. Our designers are adept with the latest trends and design patterns to enable you to achieve business objectives.

Software Testing & QA

Employ our QA professionals for a superior level of quality and the right team of talented resources that meets your project needs. Tek Hire offers a test automation framework for faster software testing, improved release cycles and unparalleled robustness.

Enterprise Solution

Our software engineers offer a full spectrum of enterprise application development services from design to deployment for daunting business challenges by modernizing and upgrading legacy systems and integrating them with newer business applications.

Software Development Methodologies

Leveraging a right fit software development methodology to simplify routine tasks accelerate the process of development with a creative design-thinking approach. Explore the types of approaches Tek Hire employs as software development methodology


One of the popular and most preferable choices for software development is Agile methodology. It is an iterative approach that is consistent with changing business needs and focuses on collaboration and transparent communication between cross-functional teams at every stage of Software development life cycle.


Combinely formed by Development and Operation- DevOps directly mentions how working cross-functionally across departments becomes easy with the DevOps team at Tek Hire. Utilizing this, businesses can have transparency, quickness and real-time decision-making for all undergoing developments.


Waterfall is a well-structured and sequential method which is mostly preferred when needs do not keep changing and very clear from the beginning . As waterfall follows fixed steps, our team ensures to meet all scheduled objectives and goals with flexibility and ease.

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