Retail technology trends are towards powerful, contactless digital customer engagements and e-commerce to safer workplaces and more agile operations and supply chains. Now is the time to unlock the potential for a more resilient and sustainable business model and ecosystem.

Banking & Finance

IT financial services cover a broader perspective right from protecting client’s data through cloud based monitoring to optimize applications through data analytics IT solutions in financial services have brought a revolutionary change in the industry.

Information Tech

Information technology is used by everyone from enterprise companies all the way down to one-person businesses and local operations. Global companies use it to manage data and innovate their processes. If you use a spreadsheet to catalogue which Christmas presents you bought, you’re using information technology.

Health and Pharma

Life Sciences is a priority at Tek Hire, and it’s our fastest-growing Industry. Our current footprint includes many global biopharma companies — for which we are delivering end-to-end digital transformation and technology services from strategy to implementation at scale.


In addition to core technical strength across different platforms, We brings in valuable insurance domain expertise to projects providing a consultative approach to projects. We deliver end-to-end development and testing services for policy administration, claims management, underwriting and billing with our industry standard frameworks and robust practices.


Traditionally, manufacturers operated within the bounds of their factories and offices. However, now, they are breaking these boundaries to interact with multiple levels of supply chain partners, investing in operational intelligence, striving to meet stringent compliance norms and exploring micro-logistics networks to enable the promise of accelerated delivery for select products and customers.


Technology today is transforming the way in which Governments and Public bodies are able to engage directly and deliver services and benefits to citizens globally. There is a need for public services to reach seamlessly and uniformly across the citizenry, at an affordable cost and without the inefficient middle-men that were traditionally involved in making such services available to the last citizen.


Tek Hire is uniquely aligned to serve TSPs as a strategic transformational partner through its exclusive focus on DevOps, Agility, IT transformation models, as well as partnerships with next-gen digital platforms. This applies to the Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector where the increase in the mobile and internet penetration and rising stature of the millennial is transforming online existence into a way of life.

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